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Hello my dear friends!

I’m very glad that you looked at my website. Let's get acquainted! My name is Anastasia. Recently I started living in St. Petersburg and I’m very happy!

But first I want to tell you one entertaining story…


Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl... This was a long time ago. She doesn't remember when this happened, but things were changing. She wanted to keep her hands busy. She wanted to bring positive energy into the world and make everyone happy.

She tossed and turned. Tried this and that, but things weren’t working out. The right materials weren’t available, workshops weren’t helping.

The girl became sad and started to doubt herself: "Am I really a master-craftsman?". After all, things were working out for everyone else, but not for her. She wasn’t happy…


She made a wish that the universe would give her a sign, to show the girl that she is going to make it. She made a wish, whispered a wish into her fist, and went to bed with a smile, putting her fist under her pillow.

What do you think – did the wish come true?

Yes, it came true right in the morning. After all, her desire was real and sincere. The girl found another companion who understood her instantly and was able to return her faith in herself and show all the subtleties of handicraft and all the delights of a hobby. An enchantress no less!

The girl felt alive again and felt the power in her hands. She began to make wonderful miracles that everyone marveled at and admired.

And the sorceress realized that her knowledge and experience should continue to be passed on, to help other craftsmen return faith in themselves, as well as their desire to create, making the world a better place!


But on a more serious note, scrapbooking has been a huge part of my life for a long time. I have conducted more than 100 live workshops and I constantly learn new things, participate in competitions and continuously improve myself.

I love paper and everything connected with it passionately, helping people to create beautiful gifts and keep priceless memories, teaching absolute beginners, advising and helping them to develop new skills.

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